Pet Burial

How to bury your pet in Michigan

How to bury your pet in Michigan

I remember when Andy my miniature Schnauzer passed away.

I decided to bury him in my back yard in Michigan in a special garden area. If you own your own home you have the option to bury your pet on your private property.

In Michigan we have several national parks and State Forest you could either spread his ashes or bury him in a valley area.

If you decide to do this where you live, make sure you are not violating any state or county ordinances in doing do.

Some cities and state have more restrictions on where you are allowed to bury pets or spread pet their ashes. Be sure to check with restrictions in your township or village before attempting.

Pet Burial

The First Step: You’re going to need a pet memorial of some sort. You can start by shopping for cremation memorials under granite or monument. Depending on your budget and weather you decide to cremate or traditional burial.

The second Step: You’re going to need to dig a hole once you decide on the type of burial and the memorial. You should dig a hole two to 3 feet deep depending on how large your pet is.

You may have to dig several feet with a shovel that you can stand on with digging. You need to decide if you want if you would like to bury your pet in a small enclosed box made from wood or cardboard.

If your pet dies during the winter months in Michigan or other cold states you may want to consider cremation. Otherwise you may be required to rent a backhoe to dig the frozen ground,

Pet Burial Preparations

You may want to hire your friend, spouse or relative to help you with the burial. Since you may have to lift your pet, enclosure, shovel and whatever else you normally carry with you into a national forest or park.

The last step, you need to be prepared for a long and strenuous dig. This is another reason you may want to have a second person with you. In my case, I picked a spot that I was drawn to, and after digging, the earth was very hard, rocky and full of tree roots that had to dug through.

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