Pet Memorial and Children

What to say when a pet dies

What to say when a pet dies

Dealing with the death of a pet can be very difficult for children.

This is why it is important to include the children in the selection of the most appropriate, high quality and customized pet memorial.

Pet memorials would be a good starting point to allow your children to be active and respectful in the grieving process.

A good starting point is allow the children to be a part of the planning process for example allowing them to write a simple poem.

A goodbye note explaining in detail what you must love about your pet and why.

When you have the funeral for them, your child can participate from reciting the poem or favorite note in front of everyone.

You can than find your favorite high resolution photo of your pet and a short slogan that can be enscribed into a two inch granite or marble pet memorial

Choose from these samples.

Include a photo that you can email from your cell phone camera or from a Photoshop converted file and email it to Pet Memorial on these forms and include a small message in the space provided and email to us.

You provide a proof of your beloved pet and a sample of the photo and inscription that you would include in your pet 5_x_7_marble_plaquememorial.

After the funeral, have a memorial event that includes friends, family and maybe refreshments and take a few minutes to talk about the funny moments that took place when your dear pet was alive.

Don’t be afraid to tell a few jokes and funny stories related to the beloved pet. The goal is to find peace and create a favorable feeling for your children after a pet passes.

When selecting a memorial for your pet consider something that your youngster would find inviting like our garden memorials that can be laser engraved with your loved ones picture and

Include a short poem or something that your child can look at while playing outdoors and can look at fondly instead of feeling sad or depressed.

The death of a pet is never an easy task with small children, but during this time your children would have time to grieve.

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