Pet Euthanasia

Guarding the home

Guarding the home

It is only natural to assume that since our pet loved eating, sleeping and playing in the home that they would cherish the last hours of their life there.

Man’s best friend loves to live, play and eat at his home.

It is very likely that your dog has lived his entire like in your living or family room where many fond memories have taken place.

His home is surrounded by his family and things in life that he enjoyed the most.

Regardless if your dog has died from a devastating illness or from natural causes, your dog may be much better place when he dies in his own home.

I remember when Andy my miniature schnauzer died and going to the veterinarians for him and seen euthanasia appointments and it is very hard for dog owners to witness.

Let them know when the ashes were back from the cremation services.

I know the feelings of deep sorrow from sitting in the lobby after the euthanasia appointment and this devastating loss never seems to leave your memory.

I know the sad routine is often the same; I would place my dog’s favorite blanket on the vets table and watched as the pet vetenarion would give our dog a shot to put it to sleep.

There is no doubt that a dog’s true place is in the home and having a private family funeral for your four legged family member.

After your dog’s funeral you can than select the most appropriate pet memorial starting with granite stone.

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