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The Heartache of Losing a Beloved Pet Companion

Andy as a "pup"

Andy as a “pup”

Andy’s death completely blindsided me.

The graying miniature schnauzer was only 11, relatively young and in good shape compared to other neighborhood dogs.

I know firsthand how the loss of a pet is painful and how Andy’s passing was very traumatic for me.

I allowed Andy to go outdoors without his leash for a just a few minutes but after several long hours my Andy never returned home.

The weather conditions became progressively worse during a brief snow whiteout during a mid-Michigan winter. A few hours later I discovered by great shock that Andy was hit by a car when he wandered off a few blocks to a busy intersection during the snowstorm earlier that day.

The Grief  Process

The grief from the death that day started with a sense of numbness and disbelief, followed by feelings of extreme guilt and that I was to blame for the death of my furry pet.

Later that day I remember feeling sad and depressed and that I didn’t do enough to protect my pet from the harm of the cars nearby. The next day I became preoccupied with memories of my pet and I found it hard to concentrate on work and my other routines.

It took me several days to begin to heal and finally accept the fact that my good friend was forever gone.

I know this feeling over the loss of a pet is different for each person and maybe even more traumatic than my pet loss. If you are grieving for a pet, you should know that the feeling of loss can be as strong as the loss of a family member, since in many cases your pet was treated like a family member.

Grief can sometimes be good since it involves wanting to maintain a connection with someone who is no longer with us. You may not be able to maintain a physical connection with pet memorials.

The memories with etched photo

Since I’m an avid animal lover finding a local service that offers care and compassion for my dog during this period of great grief was the basis of choosing a cremation service.

I discovered that cremation fills a specific option of keeping the deceased pet close to me after his death and this helped me in my ability to heal. I know from this experience that there is a family, usually devastated by the loss of their loved one.

Without the proper support many pet owners find themselves stuck during different stages of the natural grief cycle. Part of the healing process for me during my devastating loss was building a memory garden for my little Andy’s ashes in my backyard.

Pet Memorials works to help pet owners through the stages of grieving process by bringing together grief support in the wide range of memorialization options. Allowing yourself to remember the fond memories of your pet around your home or yard with a etched photo, a yard stone or plaque. In time, you will look at them less and feel less pain. Loving animals is what we do here at Pet Memorials  

You can immortalize your pets

You can immortalize your pet with our beautifully upscale marble and stone pet memorials in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can even get your personalized message inscribed on the stone.

We understand that, as a pet owner, you were very attached to your pets and wish to keep their remains close. With a comprehensive range of solutions, the Pet Memorials aims to help pet owners keep the memories of their pets for long time.

By Tim Little-Owner